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Security Direction International (SDI) was formed to bring together the skills & experience of a wide range of top professionals to fulfil the varying requirements of security and safety projects around the globe. SDIs flexible operating structure enables it to assemble the ideal team for a project for as long as it is needed without having to support high fixed operating costs.
This means that an SDI client is always able to get the best expertise for any assignment at the lowest price. Take advantage of our wide experience and professional approach to develop the right security strategy for protecting your assets today.


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Cybersecurity: Key Enabler of our increasingly Digital Society  


   Cybersecurity risks are becoming more numerous and more complex. They threaten the way we live our lives and we ignore them at our peril. The latest security technology powered by artficial intelligence offers the promise of a far more secure future:




Safe Cities: Technology’s Role in Urban Security


 Modern cities must embrace technology in all its forms to support the core requirements of life in the 21st century. But is also essential that all our different technologies are highly secure. Only then will 'Smart Cities' honestly be able to call themselves 'Safe Cities'.